Failure is a Proof that Desire wasn’t strong enough
Apr 6th, 2009 by Deepika

Reality of life is that it depends on person to person.

I think that Person is failed, who is over confident or that who looses his confidence.

The person who is confident that he can do something and can achieve, become something in life, can never be a failure.

A person who has failed in any aspect, but he feels he can work hard and improve himself - that person can never be failure.

Some people think if they have appeared in exams, and they fail, they will do better next time, and they never feel bad as they think they can improve himself.

The person who is having guts can improve his confidence.

One has to be ambitious, his desire should be strong to prove himself.

A person should be positive thinking.

A person should think life is full of struggles.

Hence, failure is a proof that desire wasn’t strong enough.

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